MoOD+Indigo 2018: Appreciated urban boutique show, all-over

For the 10th year in a row MoOD+Indigo 2018 again turned out to be the ideal place to meet for interior decoration professionals. In the urban setting of Tour & Taxis visitors and exhibitors enjoyed the necessary time and comfort to discuss business.

This 10th edition of MoOD+Indigo was celebrated with an exclusive night for exhibitors and visitors. None other than visionary artist Daan Roosegaarde gave a keynote speech that turned out to be more than inspiring. Roosegaarde combines his research of landscapes, interiors and exteriors of the future with technology and design. “Innovation always starts with imagination. Creativity is the new capital…”

Niek De Prest’s 
trend blog was translated into a presentation called the Next Wave visualising the trends for the coming years. For this an impressive moveable construction conceived by Konligo, a Belgian start-up, was used.

innovation platform has become an established value over the past years thanks to the inspiring collections of MaterialDistrict, Colour Hive, Material Lab, Trendease International and Linen Dream Lab.

This edition of the show can be seen as the launch pad for a new era. 2019 will see the first edition of MoOD+Indigo that will be organised from A to Z by 
Easyfairs. A fresh start with new means and an even stronger expertise in the field. September 2019 will be a month to look forward to. See you at Tour & Taxis on 10, 11 and 12 September.

The MoOD+Indigo team

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