The need for new elegance and refinement

Have we seen too much worn-out and imperfection? In fabrics, the worn look is ubiquitous. The same applies to the street scene. Sneakers and worn jeans can even be seen at a chic reception, but on the catwalk there’s a loud scream for more sophistication and elegance. Valentino and Givenchy to name but two, are bulging in refinement.

Elegant fabrics, long ornate robes, skirts and coats that provide the feeling you’re at a ball in the previous century. Even the shoulder-pieces that accentuate the wasp waist are back. And men’s fashion is keeping the pace. The Italian Dsquared2, one of the trendsetters of worn jeans, is showing suits that command respect. Lustrous fabrics and an elegant cut are present in almost all brands. Enforcing respect with strict and sometimes even gloomy silhouettes seems to be the ultimate goal of the new collections. But what does this evolution mean for interior textiles?

The influence of fashion remains huge

The fact is that in fashion, more than in the interior, people occupy themselves with trends. A trend that is gradually becoming milked out, usually slowly reaches a turning-point. Rarely has the pivot been so abrupt as at the last shows. I therefore expect that the influence will soon spread to the interior. Partly because more and more fashion designers are designing for the interior.

In Music too, the trend goes towards more refinement

David Byrne, former frontman of Talking Heads still performs at the age of 66. At Rock Werchter, a bespoke festival in Belgium, he performed with a show that is flirting with perfection. It was a statement that contrasts in every way with his fellow artists. First of all he does not dye his hair. “Stop Making Sense” seems to be the message behind this statement,”only pure refinement and elegance survives in the end”. During the show you could see no cables and everybody was standing up wearing elegant blue suits. Keyboard or drummer, they were all part of a perfect show. It must have taken them hours of rehearsing to bring this groundbraking performance. You like the man or not, one thing is for sure, the messy, sometimes unprepared artists that came after Byrne, could not reach up to his shoulders. And the public went wild, a sign that refinement and elegance is experienced as a revolution.

Old-school quality is back

Armani, Givenchy, Dior, even rock stars, they all return to the old-school quality, refiniment and elegance In fashion, draping of the fabric is restored to its former glory, and the same applies to lustre and elegance. If you translate that to the interior, it could indicate the end of the worn-out look. Stressed, recuperation, rough finish,… are they all yesterday’s news?

Always keep an eye on counter trends

Although I have been involved in the world of trend forecasting for some time now, I prefer to remain careful. But I see a lot of signs of the return of old-school quality. Just take a look at one of my recent inspirations, Dedar. In their visual language, as well as in their fabrics, they reach for the same elegance as in fashion. And people seem to like it. The smooth fabrics, the traditional chairs, the romantic and at the same time strict setting. Not to mention the white piping, which always feels a bit haute couture. Even the velvets have a hint of lustre.

And what about recup and recycling?

Let me put it this way: we are heading for different times. Recuperation will be everywhere  and therefor less prominent. The waste problem is so big that recycling plastic will not necessarily have to be visible. It has become self-evident. The revolution started by men with beards has proved its worth. Awareness is a fact. But tomorrow’s aesthetics are written on another page, a new page, which means that the old one is inevitably turned over.

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