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Studio SC tOUCH: a fresh and powerful must-visit first-timer at Indigo Brussels

21-06-2016 in Indigo Brussels news

A remarkable ‘first-timer’ among the around ten new studios at Indigo Brussels is studio SC tOUCH, that promises to showcase fresh and powerful designs. This studio was founded by Serkan Caglar, an up and coming designer, who studied Textile Design in his home country Turkey. Serkan visited several textile fairs in Europe (Domotex, Heimtextil,…) after winning a design competition during his training and finally ended up in Linz (Austria).

“Going to Linz was the result of a meeting with an Art Professor from the University of Linz at Première Vision. He turned out to be a great fan of my work and invited me to come and study in Linz”, Caglar explains. “This way, I obtained my master diploma in Europe and realized one of my goals: to improve myself. It was during this training I did an internship at the local Design Department of Dina Vanelli, that gave me the opportunity to join them to all the fairs they participate in, thus indirectly helping me onwards in the business.”

The main question is of course why Serkan chooses to participate in Indigo Brussels, where he will be among many big names: “Obviously, I want to make it known I now run my own studio, with my own collection. I also want to make it clear I work together with a number of other freelance friends, who are active within several fields: a painter, a wood sculptor-artist, a traditional textile designer and a 3D animation designer. I want to demonstrate visitors that such a collaboration leads to a fresh look at designs and that you can distinguish yourself in this way.”

“My ultimate goal? I am a beginner and have no idea, but right now the world of art is a very big source of inspiration. My friends and myself look outside the world of textiles and import a lot of external influences. Now, it is all about waiting what initiatives such as participating in Indigo Brussels bring about. If the reactions are positive, why not build a bigger studio together with my freelancers in the future?”

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