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Diane Harrison Designs Ltd shows first full collection of digitally printed fabrics at Indigo Brussels

12-07-2016 in Indigo Brussels news

British designer Diane Harrison is a household name at Indigo Brussels. Exactly 32 years ago, in 1984, she started her own company, Diane Harrison Designs Ltd. At Indigo, Diane Harrison Designs Ltd has a première, as it is in Brussels, the company reveals a completely digitally printed collection. 

“Diane began immediately after she graduated at Manchester University, where she specialized in textile design printing”, we learn from Tristan Goodfellow, who joined the company in 1987, when Diane Harrison Designs was incorporated in Manchester. Tristan has been on board ever since.

Diane’s biography reads like an adventure story. Her company kept on growing and since 2010 also has a New York sales office, with a permanent design collection and design facilities. What is the secret of the success?

“It all starts with handwork. When designing something, we draw and paint by hand first before scanning it, without the use of any software whatsoever. Only later, the computer steps in”, we hear. “Where our inspiration comes from? This can be almost anything, but good to know is that we focus on getting the best possible designers on board. At the moment, there are 14, which illustrates how we can offer lots of different handwritings and have plenty of categories to work from. These designers work in close collaboration with Diane, who expects them to put their own personalities into the collections.”

When asking, in conclusion, what the company has in stall for us at Indigo, our interlocutor has a surprise: “About nine months ago, we bought a new HP-printer, to print digitally onto fabrics. In January, we showed a few of our first designs at Heimtextil as a start of a new collection. Meanwhile, we completed a full collection, that will be shown for the very first time at Indigo in Brussels!”

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