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Design & Color: “Being unique is everything”

25-08-2016 in Indigo Brussels news

An intriguing exhibitor at Indigo Brussels is Nicole Scharpfenecker of Design & Color. This Dutch designer started her company about ten years ago, in combination with a part-time job. Before that, she was working for a number of companies as a colorist and stylist. Today, Design & Color is also an agency, that works with its own designers, originating from all over the world. It makes designs for wallpaper, bed and interior textiles, fashion, wrapping paper, etcetera…

One word that comes back time and again with Design & Color is uniqueness. According to managing director Nicole Scharpfenecker, every manufacturer wants nothing but unique products and, above all, a unique way of working.

“In order to be distinctive, every customer is guaranteed not only unique products, but also a unique service. In that way we help him stand out from the crowd. To achieve this, we ‘pool’ knowledge, experience and talent”, we hear.

According to our interlocutor, her experience with printing companies and factories gave her a very good basic knowledge of both the production and the techniques that are used. During the design process, her company uses both computer programs and handmade designs.


An obvious question is where Design & Color gets its inspiration.

“I get my inspiration literally from everywhere”, says Nicole Scharpfenecker. “Wherever I go, my mind converts what it sees into dessins or other ideas. To know what the trends are, I mainly look at what’s happening in the world on a social scale, in all layers of society. These ideas come from city trips, visiting museums, just watching concrete walls along the highway,…”

Concrete Wallfashion

One of the things that make Design & Color stand out, is its ‘Concrete Wallfashion’. Special about these dessins is that they can be made in concrete, plaster (inside), painted (both inside and outside) or on wallpaper.

“I wanted to work differently. For instance: why not really work in concrete or plaster? My designs can at the same time be impressive AND extremely detailed and the styles range from what I call ‘Classic Ornaments’ to ‘Modern Abstract’. In short: this is a new way to put dessins wider into the market. In doing this, it is ever more about the experience, the feeling behind it.”

Most of the reasons why people should drop by at the stand have been summed up above. Can Nicole add anything to this?

“Of course, it is all about offering the best and widest possible designs, with styling and trend colours, and with different handwritings. Besides this, Design & Color is also about development marketing and management, because by means of communication I can help customers bridge the gap between a design studio and the sales department. For the stands themselves, the customer needs to know a lot of attention must be devoted to digital details. It is not only about getting more customers in, but also about keeping them loyal and providing the best possible sales support. Being unique comprises everything, even the stand design!”

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