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Creola Studio simplifies and accelerates new design development, in combination with reduced cost

26-07-2016 in Indigo Brussels news

At Indigo Brussels, it is all about the creation of trendy patterns and inspiring manufacturers for their (textile) products. A special exhibitor is the Ukrainian Creola Studio, that is specialized in industrial design. Creola does more than just develop trendy patterns, and also optimizes design concepts for production.

We interview chief designer Iryna Chviruk, who worked as head of the design department for the textile production company ‘OJSC Texterno’ and who designed for wallpaper factory ‘Sintra’ (owned by Tapetenfabrik Gebr. Rasch). Iryna tells us how Creola Studio performs a complex of works on the creation and implementation of product innovations and how her company designs wallpaper, fabrics and patterns for other surfaces.

“We work in close cooperation with our customer and adapt the design to the specific printing machine. Besides this, we offer additional services. These are things such as: colour separation, colourway palette development and even the author's production support. At the start, we can make a preview of a chosen design in preferred colours, integrated in the interior, or on the product. It allows the customers to see what their new product will look like before actually producing it.”

“To cut a long story short: at Creola Studio it is all about simplifying, reducing cost and accelerating the process of new design development for the customer. We offer above all services that are especially useful for trading companies who own Private Labels. These companies usually are not very experienced in the new product creation from idea to ready-made goods. Most of the time, they order entire design collections for their products and also want the preparation for both the production and the introduction to the market.

Of course, we want to know a little more about what Creola Studio has in stall for us in Brussels. Iryna Chviruk explains how she and her colleagues work with different techniques to create what will be on show.

“At Creola, we use watercolour, gouache, crayons and computer graphics. We retouch and finish all hand-painted designs, using the computer to fit them neatly into repeat and correct the colour range. We try to develop our collections into two main directions: we either use classy ornaments or revert to minimalistic motives. At Indigo Brussels, visitors will see how we, following the latest trends, put a range of tropical designs in different graphic techniques and combinations on display.”

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