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Antoinette & Freddy: Hand-painted French designs in a digital world

18-08-2016 in Indigo Brussels news

As a nation, the French will be represented the best at Indigo Brussels. No less than 18 of the 85 studios find their origin in France. A remarkable French exhibitor is Antoinette & Freddy, a studio based in Montpellier. Both women present extraordinary hand-painted designs in a world that is ever more dominated by all that is digital.

Antoinette & Freddy has been around for a while. Both founders studied Applied Arts (Duprée) together in Paris and started their careers as textile designers in a Parisian studio, where they both worked for more than 20 years, creating designs for the worlds of the ‘prêt à porter’ and upholstery fabrics.  In 2002, they decided to create their own studio for textile designs, under the name ‘Antoinette & Freddy’. They moved to Montpellier in 2005, where they live and work until the present day. From Montpellier, they distinguish themselves by their motifs drawn by hand, making every piece they present unique.

“One of our major strengths is our friendship”, says Freddy Vasseur, one of the founders. “Another is our complementarity, which led to the development of our own studio. There, we both push our personalities forward and create very specific designs.”

“We love to paint”

Of course, an important question is why they both chose to aim at textile design. And why the creation of their own studio?

“Why? Mainly because this is a very agreeable way of being able to paint. It is a lot of fun to be always on the lookout for new techniques, ideas,... you name it. It is quite obvious we can do this best in a company of our own, as it gives us almost total freedom and provides us with the opportunity to do the work we both adore most.”

We know Antoinette & Freddy love to paint by hand. But what are the techniques they use for their designs? And do they also digitalize later on?

“By doing everything by hand, we are able to create very free, well-balanced designs. This way, we can create effects and colours that are impossible when using a computer. We don’t digitalize, that is the work of other people who are specialized in doing this. What is possible, however, is that we provide our customers with high resolution scans.”

Where does the studio gets its inspiration for its designs? And is there something special we can expect at Indigo Brussels in September?

“We don’t use trend books, our inspiration can quite literally come from everywhere, most of the time from everyday life. At the moment, we are working on a number of ideas for the presentation of our collection in Brussels. It is too soon to go into greater detail, but we do promise our visitors will be surprised and – hopefully – amazed.”

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