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Video: Indigo Brussels & MoOD 2017

11-09-2017 in Indigo Brussels news

Want to have an idea of what the MoOD and Indigo Brussels 2017 looks like? We made a small video report to give you an idea!


Sandra Jacobs: Hand-painted designs with a strong identity


Sandra Jacobs (the Netherlands) participates in International Design Shows  in New York, Frankfurt and Brussels.  Her designs are sold worldwide to the industry of Interior Textiles, Wallpaper, Fashion, Stationery, Books and many other purposes. Her designs are handpainted in a unique style and available as a digital file .  


Indigo Brussels exhibitors in full preparation

21-08-2017 in Indigo Brussels news

The design studios exhibiting at Indigo Brussels Home Edition are getting fully prepared to present you their inspiring new collections in a just a few weeks time! Click here to discover all the inspiring studios that will be at Tour & Taxis in Brussels from Wednesday 6 until Friday 8 September!


Exhibition experience with a real boost

29-07-2017 in Indigo Brussels news

MoOD & Indigo Brussels give your exhibition experience a real boost. Besides numerous warm contacts at the stands, you can get oxygen and energy for all your new plans and enjoy a nice break. Have a look at the map and discover the extended offer at MoOD / Indigo Brussels.


“Technology is very intuitive for us and my generation.”

28-06-2017 in Indigo Brussels news

Richard is 28 years of age and has been working in his father’s studio, Haley Studios in West Yorkshire, for about 5 years. The studio was founded in the early 90-ties by Geoff Haley. His passion started in the carpet industry and oozed over into all domains of the textile industry. Geoff worked fully analogue. Up to the point Richard joined the company.


“Active on Instagram, sales handled through direct contact”

28-06-2017 in Indigo Brussels news

Mick Verbeek is the son of Chris Verbeek, who is the owner of the Dutch Verbeek designs. They are active in 32 countries, including the US. Mick is 28 and has been working in his dad’s company for 2 years. And even that was unintended, because Mick wanted a job in education.


Discover what will happen at Mood / Indigo Brussels 2017

09-05-2017 in Indigo Brussels news

On Wednesday 6, Thursday 7 and Friday 8 September the focus on experience will be continued with MoOD, Indigo Brussels, MoOD Innovation, MoOD Tech and the 18/19 trend story. Join us at Tour & Taxis, Brussels!


PASSAGES – tomorrow’s new trends at MoOD & Indigo Brussels

09-05-2017 in Indigo Brussels news

PASSAGES is all about the effect of our nomadic lifestyle and the continuous transition in which we find ourselves. It’s about fluid times that are plainly fascinating. Because change is linked to challenges and astonishment. The theme has 4 key elements. We are happy to lift a veil for you.


Axel Venn talks 'Inkarnat' colors

09-05-2017 in Indigo Brussels news

We asked the MoOD concertation members to pick their three favourite colours and tell us which trend will become the most influential. Axel Venn, Venn Textil Consulting Berlin, talks ‘Inkarnat Farben”.


Fluid times

13-04-2017 in Indigo Brussels news

MoOD & Indigo Brussels are getting ready for an exciting new edition. Both shows have changed strategically as an exhibition, focussing on the commercial transactions and providing even more room for face to face meetings and discoveries. An evolution which will most certainly continue at the upcoming edition.


Trend concertation sees boundaries fade away

13-04-2017 in Indigo Brussels news

MoOD’s trend concertation highlighted many contradictions and fading boundaries. On the one hand the longing for simplicity and simplification, far removed from internet hypes.


5 trend watchers, 5 visions: 1/5 Marie Rouillon, Colour Hive / Mix Magazine

13-04-2017 in Indigo Brussels news

We asked five MoOD concertation members to pick their three favourite colours and tell us which trend will become the most influential. First interiview of five: Marie Rouillon, Trend & Colour consultant Colour Hive - Trends stylist MIX Magazine (UK)


Video: new version of Indigo Brussels and MoOD

09-09-2016 in Indigo Brussels news

Want to have an idea what the new version of MoOD and Indigo Brussels looks like? We made a small video report to give you an idea!


Design & Color: “Being unique is everything”

25-08-2016 in Indigo Brussels news

An intriguing exhibitor at Indigo Brussels is Nicole Scharpfenecker of Design & Color. This Dutch designer started her company about ten years ago, in combination with a part-time job. Before that, she was working for a number of companies as a colorist and stylist. Today, Design & Color is also an agency, that works with its own designers, originating from all over the world. It makes designs for wallpaper, bed and interior textiles, fashion, wrapping paper, etcetera…


Antoinette & Freddy: Hand-painted French designs in a digital world

18-08-2016 in Indigo Brussels news

As a nation, the French will be represented the best at Indigo Brussels. No less than 18 of the 85 studios find their origin in France. A remarkable French exhibitor is Antoinette & Freddy, a studio based in Montpellier. Both women present extraordinary hand-painted designs in a world that is ever more dominated by all that is digital.


Creola Studio simplifies and accelerates new design development, in combination with reduced cost

26-07-2016 in Indigo Brussels news

At Indigo Brussels, it is all about the creation of trendy patterns and inspiring manufacturers for their (textile) products. A special exhibitor is the Ukrainian Creola Studio, that is specialized in industrial design. Creola does more than just develop trendy patterns, and also optimizes design concepts for production.


Diane Harrison Designs Ltd shows first full collection of digitally printed fabrics at Indigo Brussels

12-07-2016 in Indigo Brussels news

British designer Diane Harrison is a household name at Indigo Brussels. Exactly 32 years ago, in 1984, she started her own company, Diane Harrison Designs Ltd. At Indigo, Diane Harrison Designs Ltd has a première, as it is in Brussels, the company reveals a completely digitally printed collection. 


Studio SC tOUCH: a fresh and powerful must-visit first-timer at Indigo Brussels

21-06-2016 in Indigo Brussels news

A remarkable ‘first-timer’ among the around ten new studios at Indigo Brussels is studio SC tOUCH, that promises to showcase fresh and powerful designs. This studio was founded by Serkan Caglar, an up and coming designer, who studied Textile Design in his home country Turkey. Serkan visited several textile fairs in Europe (Domotex, Heimtextil,…) after winning a design competition during his training and finally ended up in Linz (Austria).

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