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Design & Color

Hall: 4  -  Standnr: E13    

More info:
Design&Color is an agency/brand for various designers and suppliers in designs for manufacturers. We are specialized in designing innovative designs for Interior, fashion and paper. By the variety of styles we are, for you as a manufacturer, very interesting. The unique power of knowledge, experience and insight that we have for you to deliver a perfect product, makes that we are a unique contribution to your organisation and the Environment of the consumer. Design&Color distinction itself by: Large variety of styles The Customer can select Designers and styles Knowledge and experience of the production process We think along with you as customer Each manufacturer who works with us knows that Design&Color stands for unique products and, above all, a unique way of working. We deliver unique products and service, their for you will be distinctive with your organization compared to your competitors. The organisation of Design&Color is a targeted together pooling of knowledge, experience and talent. Nicole Scharpfenecker: Owner of Design&Color, Designer & Sales manager. Being Unique is everything

Oudendijk 25
4285 WH Woudrichem
Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands

Contact details
Email address: info@design-color.nl
Tel.: 31-610448266
Website: www.design-color.nl

Nicole Scharpfenecker

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